On Pointe Events | Do I Really Need A Wedding Planner?
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Do I Really Need A Wedding Planner?

Do I Really Need A Wedding Planner?

I find that many couples always ask the question “Do I Really Need a Wedding Planner?” or “How do I Justify the Cost of a Wedding Planner?” and this is understandable given the already seemingly high cost of a modern day wedding. My answer to question #2 is always “It’s an investment”. Stay tuned for my answer to question #1.

Let’s think about your wedding budget (for now let’s say $25,000) and how you plan to distribute that budget to ensure your focus is on the areas that are most important to you, when considering your wedding day and what “perfect” should look and feel like to YOU. You’ll spend approximately 10% on photography, 15% – 20% on décor and let’s say 35%-40% on your venue. You have now consumed greater than half of your budget and there are still many other items to consider, such as your attire, invitations, your wedding cake and of course your entertainment for the night.

Your Wedding Planner will (1) ensure your budget allocation aligns with your most important aspects when you think of your big day AND (2) ensure that you are connected with the right vendors based on your budget, while receiving top quality for your buck. Remember, your Wedding Planner’s goal is to sustain your happiness throughout the planning stages and on your big day.

Below are some of the important questions you should ask yourself when answering question #1 “Do I Really Need a Wedding Planner?” Ensuring you have done your due diligence is definitely the way to go and here’s how you can do that…

  1. How comfortable am I at managing my own budget?
  2. Am I familiar with what’s most current in the wedding industry (e.g. décor, flowers, seasonal colour schemes, songs, etc.)?
  3. Am I confident in my vendor selections?
  4. Do I have the time it takes to meet with vendors, reply to vendor requests and inquiries and ensure that the fine details that were originally discussed with the vendors are actually being delivered (e.g. our initials in gold, with a touch of shimmer, on the middle layer of the wedding cake)? Statistics show that it takes approximately 250 hours for a couple to plan their wedding. With an experienced Wedding Planner, this number would be reduced significantly.
  5. Do I know if I am paying the right price for the services I require for my big day?
  6. Do I have a close friend or family member who can monitor the setup of my ceremony and reception on my big day? Someone who can (1) ensure that all of my vendors have arrived and are aware of the order of events for the evening, (2) greet my guests as they arrive and assist with seating, and most importantly, (3) ensure the happiness of me and my guests throughout the entire evening?
  7. Am I prepared for the hiccups that can possibly occur on the day of my wedding (a late limo driver, a stained dress, a nervous groomsman before his speech)?


Based on your answers to the above questions, you should now be able to confidently decide if indeed you need a Wedding Planner and if the answer is yes, what exactly you need your Planner to manage. Maybe you do have the time to plan your wedding, but need a professional to manage the activities on the day of your wedding. Maybe you answered no to each question and you need your Planner to work as closely with you as possible from beginning to end. Either way, think of an expert Wedding Planner as an investment. For most, your wedding day will occur once in your lifetime. You should enjoy every ounce of it!

I hope this blog has been helpful. Stay tuned for our next topic!


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